Éva Köves Catalogue 2018


Monochrome Clack exhibition, Ludwig Next, Budapest 2014

“As early as in the previous century, constructivism was a specific kind of cultur- al response to the problems of a shattered world and broken societies follow- ing World War One, Monochrome Clack establishes a new symbiosis of genres, wishing to reflect on the problems of the present-day mutinous globalized world. The project is a result of the joined creative activities of two Hungarian artists who build a unique connection between the traditional culture of image creation – painting, in the given case – and contemporary electronic art.

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Moscow – Berlin – Budapest, exhibition and catalogue, 2008

Éva Köves: A Shop Window Gazing at Us

“Éva Köves is a thematic painter. Her paintings not only have a name, a subject and meaning, but also a story. Using a now current term, they have narrative. Something is happening, or rather, has happened in the composition opening out to us. Something, the meaning of which we can not fully grasp for a while, which then turns out even more puzzling than it looked. It is an invitation to solve the puzzle, to guess at it what it is, to trace the true theme.” – Krisztina Passuth

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Berlin – Budapest – Moscow, exhibition and catalogue, 2007

Cities, Constructions, Artist-portraits
A conversation with Éva Köves
Recorded by Katalin Spengler

“Budapest was in focus on almost all the paintings shown at your big exhibition in Ludwig Museum in 2001. You were among the first to receive the Pro Cultura Urbis prize in 2000. Other cities cropped up in your later paintings, but one did not sense that you forged as intimate a relationship with them as you have with Budapest. Yet the paintings of Berlin are once again expressions of deep ties to the city, and are witness to a closer understanding of the place.”

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