“The structural complexity of the phenomenon is broken down to its elements by the syntactic (formal) program language of this project which uses the complexity theory approach.
The shortest possible, most succinct, effective visual encoding is used to formulate the complex of information contained by the primary reception of sensory or structured information—as in pragmatics.
Individual phenomena are approached and explored through the observation of semantic (logical) rules, or laws on the basis of which, in the process of running the course of the program, the data structures required for the solution are connected to previously known phenomena.
Monochrome Clack project

Dodeca object flat, 2011, photo, oil on canvas, 110x220 cm Dodeca object, 2011, photo, oil on canvas, 110x110x110 cmDodeca object, 2011, photo, oil on canvas, 110x110x110 cm

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