Monochrome Clack project


The Monochrome Clack group is creative activities of three artists who build a unique connection between the painting and audiovisual electronic art. Éva Köves and Andrea Sztojánovits began cooperating in 2009. During their collaboration they worked together with musicians like Kinga Kovács aka Dj Sanyi and Bálint Bethlenfalvy and Gábor Borosi who joined to the group in 2013.

Their pieces of art are based on the finding that computer animation (movements, light) projected on oil/canvas/photo paintings (painting-installations) – on meeting an active observer’s attitude – creates a new-type of medium from the static elements of the painting and constantly changing elements of digital animation. The paintings and the projected audioreactive visuals creates together the structure of the animations.

Éva KÖVES | The creative methods of Éva Köves are novel, and exceptional: she mounts her photos on canvas, takes them further in paint, and then goes on to create mostly large painting-installations from them, at times consisting of over a dozen pieces. Eva does not belong to any particular contemporary school or artistic group, but her themes, way of thinking, as well as urban com- mitment relates her to the geometrical, constructivist, anti-mainstream prog- ram in the first half of the twentieth century, especially, of the Bauhaus and Laszlo Moholy- Nagy. Since 1989, she has had some 30 individual exhibitions in Hungary and internationally, has taken part in numerous group shows, and has been a frequent participant at representative exhibitions that introduce con- temporary Hungarian art and avant-garde endeavours within that.

Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS | Andrea Sztojánovits graduated at the Intermedia and Pedagogy Departments of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in 2009. Presently, she attends the Doctoral School of the Academy. For nearly ten years she has been engaged, with one of the frontier fields of digital picture creation: improvisational audio-visual performances, prevalently called VJ (video performer) on both theoretical and practical levels. From the point of view of Andrea’s artistic activities, transporting VJ-culture, its visions, as well as way of thinking, into the “traditional” field of fine arts by producing installa- tions and performances, has a decisive importance.

Gábor BOROSI | Gábor Borosi deals with music and electronics since 1987, from 1997 he was leading expert of the most appreciated hungarian studio technology company. He is contributed as a musician, sound engineer and producer with numerous rock-pop, theater and film productions. He is a writer and translator of many books and publications as a specialist. From the 2000-ies he took part many events as a DJ local and foreign. He has founded and lead his own studio – Metropol Studio – since 2008. Since 2009 he is member of the band ‘Korai Öröm’.

Project participants: Éva Köves, Andrea Sztojánovits, Gábor Borosi, Bálint Bethlenfalvy, Kinga Kovács aka dj Sanyi

See the installation at Monochrome Clack website