Moscow – Berlin – Budapest, exhibition and catalogue, 2008

Éva Köves: A Shop Window Gazing at Us

“Éva Köves is a thematic painter. Her paintings not only have a name, a subject and meaning, but also a story. Using a now current term, they have narrative. Something is happening, or rather, has happened in the composition opening out to us. Something, the meaning of which we can not fully grasp for a while, which then turns out even more puzzling than it looked. It is an invitation to solve the puzzle, to guess at it what it is, to trace the true theme.” – Krisztina Passuth

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Berlin – Budapest – Moscow, exhibition and catalogue, 2007

Cities, Constructions, Artist-portraits
A conversation with Éva Köves
Recorded by Katalin Spengler

“Budapest was in focus on almost all the paintings shown at your big exhibition in Ludwig Museum in 2001. You were among the first to receive the Pro Cultura Urbis prize in 2000. Other cities cropped up in your later paintings, but one did not sense that you forged as intimate a relationship with them as you have with Budapest. Yet the paintings of Berlin are once again expressions of deep ties to the city, and are witness to a closer understanding of the place.”

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Köves Éva, Selection 2001-2003, Pécs

Still-lives by Éva Köves

“Perhaps it is the appearance of human forms, of the human figure that will surprise the viewer at first glance if acquainted with her earlier works. The geometric forms of manmade environment, the structural components of her pictures such as the images of scaffolding, bridge structures, railings and paving stones, along with her picture installations first made Éva Köves known to us. While the change from the first appearance of twisted and floating tarpaulins through the organic forms from nature in her work is easy to follow, the arrival of the human figures in the shop-window pictures painted recently still takes one by surprise. Not to mention the mannequins modelling the human form, and the more or lesser-known figures and faces of the fashion world in attendance.” – Anikó Erdősi, April, 2003

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Magyart, Contemporary Hungarian Art, 2001, Jyvskyla

Éva Köves – a painter of shadows

“The atelier of Éva Köves bears a complete resemblance to the romantic image of that of a ‘proper’ artist. It is situated in the attic of an apartment house, and a large iron key is use to unlock its door. Inside, everything is well in order, even painting residue, and the fabrics used for cleansing the brushes have been nearly folded on a corner table. There are a number of paintings leaning against the walls of the small atelier, most of them portraying tarpaulins used for covering buildings, their support structures, and ruptures in them.”

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Köves Éva, Still Life, exhibition and catalogue, 2001, Ludwig Budapest

Preface to the exhibition of Éva Köves

“Walls, scaffolding, plastic sheets, a glass on a table, a view reflected in a window – sometimes whole, sometimes shattered and reassembled, in phases of kaleidoscopic motion. In and out, above and below, both the structure and the layer stretched upon it dissolve into one another, as illusion and ‘reality’ either switch places or merge deceptively. A puzzle meets the eye. And while the viewer looks for a solution, an explanation, trying to find the right point of view by shifting places, s/he moves along with the changing view and follows the steps of the process which created it. As the meaning of each picture fragment is deciphered by the intellect, and the totality is put together from the individual fragments, the viewer creates his/her own version of the work.” – Krisztina Passuth

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