Köves Éva, Selection 2001-2003, Pécs

Still-lives by Éva Köves

“Perhaps it is the appearance of human forms, of the human figure that will surprise the viewer at first glance if acquainted with her earlier works. The geometric forms of manmade environment, the structural components of her pictures such as the images of scaffolding, bridge structures, railings and paving stones, along with her picture installations first made Éva Köves known to us. While the change from the first appearance of twisted and floating tarpaulins through the organic forms from nature in her work is easy to follow, the arrival of the human figures in the shop-window pictures painted recently still takes one by surprise. Not to mention the mannequins modelling the human form, and the more or lesser-known figures and faces of the fashion world in attendance.” – Anikó Erdősi, April, 2003

Read the full text: Aniko Erdősi: Still-lives by Éva Köves


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