3 x 3 From Hungary, 1996, New York

“Éva Köves, who graduated from Budapest’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, began her professional career producing painterly, abstract canvases, but soon discovered a style of her own. She now consciously follows an artistic program that involves a limited palette, but has a complex structure in which photography is an element of the vision. Perspective, space, and shadow inspire her recent work. She passionately photographs architectural elements, including scaffolds, fences, and industrial fittings, and uses them in her paintings. Rather than seeking inspiration and raw materials in faraway places, she finds them in the shadowy regions of her home city of Budapest.

In homage to the great Hungarian artist László Moholy Nagy, Köves’s latest photographic work follows the style of Bauhaus photography. She uses photography to create a new type of illusion. Placing a photograph on the canvas as an element of collage, she overpaints it, continuing its motifs.” – Gábor Pataki, from the catalogue: 3 x 3 From Hungary, Center for Curatorial Studies, 1996


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