Monochrome Clack exhibition, Ludwig Next, Budapest 2014

“As early as in the previous century, constructivism was a specific kind of cultur- al response to the problems of a shattered world and broken societies follow- ing World War One, Monochrome Clack establishes a new symbiosis of genres, wishing to reflect on the problems of the present-day mutinous globalized world. The project is a result of the joined creative activities of two Hungarian artists who build a unique connection between the traditional culture of image creation – painting, in the given case – and contemporary electronic art.

Éva Köves, painter, from the mid-generation of Hungarian artists and Andrea Sztojánovits representing the younger generation of artists, began cooperat- ing in 2009. Their intermedial pieces of art are based on the finding that com- puter animation (movements, light, sound – i.e. music and text) projected on oil/canvas/photo paintings (painting-installations) not only establishes a new type of relation between visual arts and genres of literature but on meeting an active observer’s attitude it creates a new-type of medium from the static ele- ments of the painting and constantly changing elements of digital animation.


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