Berlin – Budapest – Moscow, exhibition and catalogue, 2007

Cities, Constructions, Artist-portraits
A conversation with Éva Köves
Recorded by Katalin Spengler

“Budapest was in focus on almost all the paintings shown at your big exhibition in Ludwig Museum in 2001. You were among the first to receive the Pro Cultura Urbis prize in 2000. Other cities cropped up in your later paintings, but one did not sense that you forged as intimate a relationship with them as you have with Budapest. Yet the paintings of Berlin are once again expressions of deep ties to the city, and are witness to a closer understanding of the place.”

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Éva Köves: A Shop Window Gazing at Us

“Éva Köves is a thematic painter. Her paintings not only have a name, a subject and meaning, but also a story. Using a now current term, they have narrative. Something is happening, or rather, has happened in the composition opening out to us. Something, the meaning of which we can not fully grasp for a while, which then turns out even more puzzling than it looked. It is an invitation to solve the puzzle, to guess at it what it is, to trace the true theme.” – Krisztina Passuth

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The Sky over Berlin
Rolland Pereszlényi speaks about Berlin

“For me these paintings of Éva Köves unmistakably carry the atmosphere of Berlin. This is not only true of the buildings portrayed, but also the tone, proportions and the painting as a whole. In Berlin one feels that the sky, the clouds, they are closer than anywhere else. It may come from the proportion of the streets against the buildings that the clouds seem much bigger, you can almost sense the sky, and this fills you with a sense of freedom, lightens your soul. Berlin has been the recurring scene of my life for many years now, but I lived continuously there in the past four years, up until last year.”

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The Past and Present of a Metropolis
The Historian Zoltán Sz. Bíró on Moscow

“I first visited Russia in the 70s, when I was a student in high-school, and all the beauties and poverty of the late Brezhnev era showed itself to me. Later I enrolled at the Leningrad University, and graduated from the Philosophy and Aesthetics Department. I had strong ties with Leningrad, but often took off to Moscow. Since I have been teaching at the Budapest Corvinus University I travel two or three times a year to Moscow. As early as in the 80s it was an incredibly electrifying megalopolis with approximately 10 million inhabitants. Yet in those days one did not have the feeling when coming back to Budapest that one is returning to a small town from the Metropolis.”

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Szijj Ferenc
The Berlin Shroud

“I came across familiar views in Berlin a couple of years ago at a photo exhibition—of works by Péter Nádas—, and now city-scapes familiar to me from Berlin welcomed me in the Köves studio, and even a flat was among them where I have often been, the flat of a Dutch Hungarian artist and his wife who live Berlin. These familiarities recalled over long distances are on the one hand, the natural and constant companions of movement, as we go, look and remember, in this no borders interfere. Even our capitals are numerous, one of them, for example, is Berlin, which is in itself, as a capital doubled in my opinion, or rather quadrupled: East–West, Before–After. On the other hand, these are familiar things in an alien place, perhaps just a matter of where one is living at the moment, where the burdens of life happen to come upon you, the sort of omitted or inserted things, images that get embedded in each other.”

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